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siyatik nedir

siyatik nedir


Sciatica: The sciatic nerve the longest nerve in your body, starting from the pelvis through your hip area and extends to both legs. When your knee and peroneal nerve is divided into tibyal.

The sciatic nerve in your lower leg muscles in your calves will konrtol, provides the ability to feel your legs and feet.

The term of the sciatic nerve in route back to your thighs and spread your legs as well as mild pain eder.Rahasızlık expression, may also be lowering of the foot and hand tingling, numbness or muscle weakness may accompany.

Sciatica, rather than a disease itself, such as herniated disc, creating pressure on the nerves is a symptom of another problem. Radiating pain along the sciatic nerve pain with a state of self ..

This pain is of two kinds: one is less severe and constant pain, and severe pain in the other if the call is incoming call. Pain along the sciatic nerve, extends from the hip to heel. Sciatic nerve, extending to the heel to the finger while pressing some points that are painful. The pressure on nerves in the wake of this point down along the nerves of pain, sometimes spreading to the above is characteristic.

The back of the upper legs, back and sciatic nerve during leg-side radiating pain is called sciatica. Pain, sometimes it comes suddenly. Sometimes it moves slowly. While sitting, getting up, lying is hardly moves. The region of the vertebral column, is sensitive. Pain when walking, coughing, and further increases when stretched. Because the cartilage disks between the vertebrae in place of the play, which slipped disc, the lower part of the spine is inflamed or damaged.

Esâsına nerve stretch or compression based on the symptoms of the disease, diagnosis and significance. Stretched state of patients lying in supine leg lift is slowly on the back of the thigh and leg, in this order, or even taking a pain radiating up to his feet to come accomplished, sciatica favor. How much leg is lifted, the pain is so intense. Damage to the sciatic nerve root by removing the patient's leg pain can occur in solid legs.

Sciatic occurrence of the; vertebrae disc hernia, especially, tumors, spinal arthritis, spinal tuberculosis, spinal column at the bottom of the settlers from birth or later that changes (sakralizasyon, lumbalizasyon, fractures, spina bifida), pelvic bone and the local organ damage role can play.

These disturbances anywhere in the sciatic nerve under pressure to leave or to decline to lead the table by causing sciatica. Between them, the most important and recent application of lumbar disc hernia or hernias try.

The sciatic nerve also related to vascular disorders, gout, diabetes, malaria, some of sciatic nerve irritation around the injection of medications also can cause sciatic neuralgia.


Cases, movement and feeling in a long leg disorders, can be found in the muscles melting.