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nevralji nedir


Neuralgia, sensory nerve pathways along one of the severe pain, spasm occurs. These spasms of nerve injury or irritation may occur as a result. Usually occurs in 50-70 years. Neuropathic pain as well as the basic cause of disease in patients with sleep disorders, anxiety, lack of energy, decreased attention, depression, loss of appetite are common.

Herpes infection of some type of neuralgia (shingles) can occur as a result. Actions such as eating, sneezing, or may encourage spasm crisis.

What are the symptoms? How often are found?

Signs of burning, tingling, sensitivity to touch or heat, such as electric shock pain are. Lasting seconds or minutes, the pain of cuts in crisis sürebilir.Nevraljiler days or weeks is a very common condition. The most important examples are diabetes related neuropathy, 50-60% of patients (in Turkey diabetic population of 7% is. Chronic low back pain (% of patients 34-57 neuropathic pain is.) Cancer patients, 40%, herpes zoster after lifetime prevalence of 10-20%, 1-6%, such as carpal tunnel can be seen in the general population.

What are the causes of neuralgia?

On the basis of environmentally sensitive way to healing pain and pain centers in the brain mechanisms of sensitization and loss of control yatmaktadır.Nevralji or neuropathic pain, nervous system damage may be due to any location. Nerve injuries, brain, spinal cord injuries, cerebral vascular disease, MS, post-shingles, diabetes, tumors are the major causes. With sleep disorders, anxiety and depression significantly increases the pain.