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As a result, such as trauma due to a specific region or occur in a single nerve mononevntlerin contrast, poly-Inevritler affecting the whole body resulting from multiple causes nerve-ide occurs. Yahnzca of the body or the right [left half can be seen in the nerve, such as' a symmetric (symmetric) may be. Jlıca head causes poisoning, infections and metabolic disorders.

Alcohol, lead, arsenic, mercury, sulfur and coal I and many other toxic substances caused polyneuritis I often encountered this article while working as an occupational disease in those exposed. (Hemetin, sülfamit the bismuth, used to treat TB are isoniazid and some antibiotics can also cause polyneuritis.

Infections are among the main causes of polyneuritis of the diphtheria, leprosy, tuberculosis and typhoid are. Allergies can be caused by disease or are thought to be related to the process. Allergy is the result of the nerve root is usually affected polyneuritis. In this table, called dikülonevrit Polira-lez-tions of life with a spinal cord or brain out of the points come out from among the department is seen in the cerebrospinal fluid are different.

The most important of polyneuritis due to metabolic disorders and vitamin deficiencies (vitamin Bx deficiency disease beriberi) and metabolic diseases (diabetes) results from those.

Polyneuritis, usually occurs due to multiple factors. For example, isoniazid in a patient with TB being treated for alcohol poisoning if, as these two factors together may cause polyneuritis. In contrast, a significant part polinevritlerrn (20 percent) leading causes of illness or cause can not be the be-lire.

Polyneuritis summary, infection or poisoning from the release of substances in nerve settling onset disease is seen in a table. Underlying disease type and severity of a person's body structure and age, cold and tired body, such as resistance reduces the case, particularly surrounding the nerves to the nervous system placed prone to toxic substances such as agents of disease in the development role. Some polyneuritis of toxic substances tend to be placed in specific tissues has a specific effect. For example, lead poisoning pre-arm nerve crush the bones of the back, diphtheria and alcohol-related polinevritte vagal nerve in the back of the directory from the last section of siyasit nerves are more affected.v