Health giving Water
şifalı suyun içmece olarak faydaları şifalı suyun kaplıca olarak faydaları

şifalı suyun faydaları


The Benefits of Spa Bath

Rheumatism, lumbago, sciatica, neuralgia, neuritis, polyneuritis, gynecological diseases, fractures and cracks in the next joint adhesions, pool bath is the most appropriate treatment.

Moreover, once a year not having any discomfort to drinking cure is very useful. Human body as long as living organisms, toxic substances accumulate in the urine, feces, sweat, bile, salivary glands, and other similar discharges in the way throws out.

Scheduled to be taken out of power as it becomes full of poison, organs and toxic substances accumulate in the body becomes sluggish and starts to increase.

Much to eat and drink, alcoholic drinks, cigarettes, toxic substances and damaged foods, continuous office life and the body still remains, long closed and stuffy place to live, mental fatigue, insomnia, long-term noise of city life has given boredom, exhausting business, huge filthy city air, car exhaust and heating of the shaft of the toxic substances, gases, toxic dyes, toxic substances accumulate in the body play a major role.

Here are the people who drink this water, these toxic substances accumulated in the urine, feces, sweat, bile, such as roads and so are easily thrown out.

In cases such as this drink is the most natural healing resources. Medically determined because the water is one of the most important influence all excretory organs in the body is put into their activities. Moreover, the radioactive effects that increase the viability of the cells by adding .. water, urine replicates. Intestine is easily emptied. Increases bile secretions. Increases the activity of liver cells .. provides plenty of sweating. Increase the secretion of saliva. Hormone secretion and increases sexual power.