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380 rooms and 1000 beds is located in our facility large comfortable rooms, delicious and healthy meals you can eat restaurant and you our guests you feel like your home will make you and all your needs to meet our staff and serve you will be happy to.

Depth of the history of ancient healing effects ever be known by people içmece Ayas and spa water used, temperature, radioactivity, and in terms of minerals in the world-famous Kardlspat water in Europe is the same. As drinking water is not a third world has these features.

In terms of the healing effects of bathing in hot spring water at the beginning of our country and the other takes place. We have 12 MONTHS ON THE FACILITY. Health Committee report or want to see the committee report with the thermal treatment can benefit from those facilities. Their own accommodation costs are fully taken, the figure will be given to the payment of invoices, and institutions are able to get back.